domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2016

The following homily was made by the Reverend Deacon Alejandra Diaz, in the Epiphany Cathedral.

Homily according to the Gospel of Luke 15: 1-10

Recently the lady that works at home lost RD$1,000 pesos. It was a crazy day: She called the delivery, and after she paid him the groceries, she never found the paid back that she is sure she had received. We look everywhere,  moved everything, checked twice in the possible places it could be, but the money never appeared. And even now, almost a month later, when we think about it we check again, to verify we didn't miss a place.

In today gospel we have 2 parables about losing things.

The first talk about a shepherd that lose a sheep. A sheepfold of a hundred is a middle size one,bigger ones can hold 200 sheeps, smaller 20 sheeps. So a 100 is a middle size. If a shepherd  had a 100... is not a poor shepherd, actually it has enough well off to live without it.

After we have the parable of the woman that lose one of her 10 coins. And if we pass from the sheeps to the coins the second one is more stressful because we are more familiar of losing money.

But 2 things call my attention:
1) The word used by Luke is UNTIL. Wich mean that the labor doesn't ends, have a beginning but you never find the end. Is the best way to describe the relation that we have with God, he looks for us and the process of looking-finding and looking again when we get lost does not ends. When we miss our North, He becomes the compass of our lifes. He will be looking for us until he finds us. He will not give up because of the time, or the difficulties, the adversitties or even our stubborness, thats the mean of UNTIL... He will not give up, He will continue until He finds us.

2) the other think that call my attention is how is He looking for us. We may understand that He is looking for our neighbours, our work companions, our friends, even our enemies. We may understand that as He looks for you and me He looks for the people around us and on that behalf we should work in our lifes to be great ambassadors of His Mercy.

It's good to know that His mercy endures forever, that never ends... UNTIL

Finally, there is more joy in finding something we have lost that counting  of something we have never lose.

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